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Infuse intelligence into everything

With Nokia Digital Automation Cloud, you have the flexibility to employ a wide range of applications and the capability to deploy them to the edge.  This ultra-scalable edge-computing solution provides high capacity, low latency and uncompromised security to ensure that your applications run smoothly.

It gives you the freedom to enable demanding data intensive applications like real-time video analytics, automated guided/intelligent vehicles, autonomous drones, robots, as well as AR/VR, while keeping all data local.

Tailored to meet your automation needs

Choose Nokia or third-party applications and IoT stacks from our Nokia DAC catalog with click and deploy installation. Protocols such as Profinet and Modbus can be seamlessly taken into use with your new digitalized connectivity thanks to DAC industrial connectors.

Our built-in edge cloud management framework also allows you to tailor the service level of each application and deploy to various enterprise locations to ensure a uniform experience. In other words, secure and reliable multi-local performance.

Connect your business with Nokia Digital Automation Cloud